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Our Mission

Our mission is to create and support a culture of volunteering across Sterling and the surrounding area. Voluntary participation will be to the mutual benefit of volunteers, voluntary, statutory and private organisations by the provision of a locally delivered quality service for the whole community.

Our Vision

Managing and sustaining volunteers is important to nonprofits of every size and mission. We understand that finding individuals to fit project needs is just the first step, and guide nonprofits in creating and managing volunteer projects that run smoothly and deliver on their missions.

The Goal

Nonprofit board members enrich and govern an organization with their personal expertise, connections, and passion for the cause . We support organizations in diagnosing their boards’ needs through training, one-on-one consulting, and coaching, equipping their members with the right information and resources.

Our Great History

  1. We Opened Our Office in South Africa

    Сorporation for National and Community Service was signed into law by George H.W. Bush in hopes of encouraging volunteerism in the United States. It engages over 5 million Americans and aims to “support the American culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility.”

  2. We Opened Our Office in Middle East

    Diving into a more segregated section-based approach, the healthcare sector has emerged as the biggest one focusing on employment of non-profit workers. The second spot is taken by the education sector. All in all, healthcare and education are two major themes undertaken by non-profit organizations.

  3. We Created New Law Policy

    The main difference between non-profit and profit organizations is that profit organizations core obligation is to gross income and reallocate assessable wealth to the workforce as well as the shareholders while non-profit organizations core obligation is to provide self-beneficial and self preservation programs and services.

  4. We Opened Our Office in New York

    The final view is that in the fields where the state has already taken a fundamental role, it succeeds in providing for communities and is even more effective than NPOs in affording services. Individual states and localities offer nonprofits exemptions from other taxes such as sales tax or property tax.

  5. Community Theories of Nonprofit Organizations

    According to the market failure theory, the market system is good at supplying private goods, which are things that we consume individually such as cars or food. However, markets have a problem providing public or collective goods which are goods. After a recognized type of legal entity has been formed at the state level.

  6. Funding Challenges of Non-Profits

    Therefore, in regard to the increasing rates of poverty, unemployment, and numbers of dependent people relying on aid and relief programs, presence of non-profit organizations throughout the United States has grown accordingly to meet the needs of the lower classes. A nonprofit organization commonly performs some type of public or community benefit.

  7. We Opened Our Office in South Africa

    Launches as an independent business. Moves into our New York offices. Those offices became home for the next 20 years as the business continued to grow from strength to strength. 9-Nine launches as an independent business. 9-Nine moves into our New York offices. Those offices became home for the next 20 years as the business continued to grow from strength to strength.

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